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Les Demi Dieux

Surprisingly contemporary in his approach to the both the male physique and photographic technique, the man that called himself
The man who called himself "Les Demi Dieux" is not so well known among collectors of male nude photography. His work were published in magazines like Demi Gods and Young Physique in the early 1960s, featuring well known models like Richard Bennet, Jerry Albanese and Vince Perri. But the images that seems to be most intriguing are those of Brooklyn street youths, posing between their Buicks or against the chain links of the local basketball courts.

Kovert of Hollywood

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Kovert was a contemporary of early Beefcake photographers such as Mizer and Douglas. He brought a quirky twist to his work. Models with average physiques and hair on body posed for him with taxidermy and statues of the Blessed Virgin. Even Beefcake celebrities like Andrew Kozak and Jack Conant appeared with hairy chests full in less-than-classical poses.

Kris Studio of Chicago

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Kris Studio in the head of Chuck Renslow pushed the boundaries of acceptability in physique photography far more than any other studio from the period o the late 1950s into the 1960s. But in return Renslow paid a price for flaunting the strict laws against male nudity in print. So in court, when Renslow was brought to trial for indecency, his lawyers showed photographs of great works of art with male nudes, including the statuary from the entrance to the Chicago courthouse where the trial was taking place! In the studio, he was known for posing his models in the most revealing of posing straps, sometimes wetting them down!

Douglas of Detroit

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A contemporary of Bob Mizer, Douglas was an expert in photographing competitive bodybuilders from his own Great-Lakes region, such as Bob DelMonteque and Vic Seipke. Along with the work of Lon Hanagan, Douglas' images in particular established the standard for physique photography in professional magazines like Strength & Health.

Bob Delmonteque

download gay porn vintageBob Delmonteque was one of Douglas of Detroit's most popular models and aslo a gifted photographer in his own right. Working with models from the same Great-Lakes region, his images are sometimes can be taked for the works of Douglas.

Walter Kundzicz's Champion Studio

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In the begining of 1960s, muscle-headed beefcake gave way to free spirited, playboy athletes and roadsters. Male nude photographers of these times pushed not only the esthetic boundaries that had confined the previous decade, but also they pushed the legal boundaries with more revealing posing straps and sexier props. At that period appeared the color images from Walter Kundzicz's Champion Studio with posing sunny, youthful models in everyday settings like the garage, the bedroom, the rumpus room, and the shower.

Bruce of Los Angeles

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Bruce Bellas also known as Bruce of Los Angeles worked as a school teacher in Omaha Nebraska before he motored West. He started to specialize in photographing Southern California bodybuilders like Keith Stephens and Bob Mucci, popular celebrities like Ed Fury and Hollywood street trade like the young Joe Dallesandro. Being photographer and distributor, Bruce created some of the most beautiful and collectible images of the mid-20th Century.